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Aquarium full gallery of available videos.

Designed for interactive patient education and case presentation, Aquarium is a dynamic communication tool that fully utilizes high-quality 3D graphics. It is designed to demonstrate common and complex topics including diagnostic findings, oral surgery and orthodontic procedures, appliance use, hygiene, and more. Visualization is an effective educational tool. It promotes comprehension that eases communication with colleagues and patients of all ages. Aquarium uses stunning 3D graphics to demonstrate the common and complex topics that are involved in diagnosis and treatment planning. Educated patients are more likely to exhibit a greater rate of case acceptance, and demonstrate a higher rate of compliance.

Visualization is an effective educational tool. It promotes comprehension and eases communication with colleagues and patients of all ages. Dolphin Aquarium uses stunning 3D graphics to demonstrate the common and
complex topics that are involved in diagnosis and treatment planning. Educated patients are more likely to exhibit a greater rate of case acceptance, and demonstrate a higher rate of compliance.

Comprehensive library of topics
Full-motion video, 3D animation, clinical and before-and-after photos
Keep a time-stamped log of which movies each patient has viewed.
Clinically accurate
Add your practice logo to exported movies.
Favorites/Playlist features.
Dual monitor support
Automatic updates delivered via the Internet
Full interoperability with Dolphin Imaging and Dolphin Management
Export movies for use on your Web site; PowerPoint presentation; or portable media player.
Publish playlists to CD/DVD or flash drive for patients to view at home.
Drag/Drop and Copy/Paste in and out of Aquarium.
Record your own audio narration to any movie.
Multiple selection support (play several movies in the order clicked).
Zoomable user interface
Available in the following launguages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese - with more on the way!
Choice of interface theme designs.
Hide unneeded content for procedures and appliances you don’t use.

Fresh Graphical User Interface
The Aquarium interface is user-friendly and designed so that any member of your staff can easily operate it. Use the Playlists file to store linked, thematic media sequences for a one-click launch anytime! The navigation page allows you to visually scan the contents of the library, and also lets you preview the files. Topics are categorized intuitively, so the appropriate media can be located quickly and efficiently. A search feature also lets you find topics by keyword. You also have the ability to create your own file of favorite media and store it under Playlists for easy searching. A selection of thematic “skins” lets you change the ambience of the interface according to your mood or patient personality.

Technical Capabilities

Aquarium will display with consistent quality on monitors of all sizes, including wide screen monitors. Unlike many other similar programs, Aquarium content automatically conforms to your display, with no need to reconfigure computer resolution. Aquarium also supports dual monitor configurations. If you own Dolphin Imaging you can display the patient’s own images on one monitor while playing Aquarium on the other monitor. With the appropriate setup, Aquarium can also be shared on your system’s network. Purchase the appropriate license to allow concurrent usage of Aquarium. Aquarium integrates with both Dolphin Imaging and Dolphin Management, and it can also be used as a standalone system.

System Requirements

Dolphin Aquarium 3 requires Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10. For all supported O/S's, Dolphin Aquarium 3 supports both the 32 and 64-bit versions, and supports the Business, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions. Dolphin recommends Windows 8 or 10 set for automatic critical updates, along with up-to-date virus, spyware and firewall software, and a Windows password.

All Microsoft Critical Updates, including Internet Explorer version 10.
Pentium 4-1.8 GHz or faster.
40 GB available disk space on standalone machine or server. 5 GB available disk space on client machines.
Broadband Internet connection.
Monitor with a display resolution of at least 1024 Ă— 768 (XGA).

Since Aquarium is a graphics intensive application, we do not guarantee it running properly over any form of terminal technology (Windows Remote Desktop, Citrix, PCAnywhere, VNC, etc.), although if you have a fast LAN connection to your server, you may be able to make it work acceptably.

Email Playlists
Easily share your diagnosis and treatment plan with the absent parent by emailing a link of the appropriate Playlist, so they may view the exact same presentation in their own home, at their convenience.

Export Movies
You don’t need to be logged onto Aquarium to
view its contents! Media can be exported to any standard Windows media fle that can then be played on any technology, such as your Web site or in a PowerPoint presentation. You can also burn to CD or play on your iPod. Exported media must be watermarked with your offce logo for security.

Export/Import Playlists
Share your favorite Playlists with other Aquarium users by simply saving it and installing it on their system.

Comprehensive Library
Aquarium is much more than a storehouse of professionally rendered quality media covering comprehensive topics. It is an evolving library of presentations organized by a beautiful interface that allows for cross- referencing of all subjects. Under each topic is a series of presentations organized by diagnosis and treatment. Presentations consist of dynamic
3D animation, full-motion video, and before-and-after images that will engage and educate your patients.

Topics include diagnostic fndings, orthodontic and surgical corrective procedures, appliances, hygiene, teeth eruption and more. Manufacturer- specifc content such as brackets and appliances are also included.

Aquarium presentations clearly explain the need for treatment, its options, possible consequences of delaying treatment, details of the treatment, and special care following treatment.

Customize Content
Adding personal content in the form of photos and videos of your staff, your particular appliances, your own before and after demo patients, etc. lets you customize your Aquarium presentations for your practice needs. It is simple to do and requires no special computer skills.

Design your own presentations by linking media to illustrate your words, so that you can explain things exactly the way you want.

Create treatment-specifc links with presentations sequenced together for easy, one-click launching of originally assembled “movies.�? You or your staff can set up links that can be used for predictable circumstances, saving you time and labor.
For example, in anticipation of patients with a specifc malocclusion (i.e. a deep bite class II), you can link together the diagnosis of the malocclusion; specifc appliance(s) to treat the malocclusion; and a retention appliance.
You could easily create various treatment scenarios that will allow you or your treatment coordinator to display the appropriate treatment sequencing specifc to your practice.

In your Favorites area, you can save links to your favorite presentations. Add your own photos or videos, and include the slideshow in Previews so you can one-click into it the next time you need it.


New Products:

Dolphin Imaging Plus Dolphin Imaging Plus Dolphin Imaging Plus
Dolphin Management
is a full-featured orthodontic practice management system that enables you to efficiently manage and organize your practice flow, especially if you have high-volume, multiple locations and multiple practitioners. With consistent feature upgrades and improvements, Dolphin Management combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful features.
3D Surgery
3D Surgery is a comprehensive case planning and presentation tool that animates the patient’s skeletal and facial changes in real time, and outputs to a precise surgical guide. All you need is a 3D DICOM dataset, virtual models and optional facial photo. Use data from cone beam CT, spiral CT, and other sources. Combine with intraoral scans or electronic models for accurate virtual model surgery. Along with the other wonderful features of Dolphin, this is why Dolphin 3D is used worldwide.
My Orthodontist
The new My Orthodontist mobile app from Dolphin gives patients access to information about themselves and your practice.
Management Brochure 3D Surgery Brochure My Orthodontist Brochure

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