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Dolphin Imaging Plus 11.95

General / Imaging Plus Enhancements (Parts II and III)

Brand new “Oahu Blue” User Interface

Dolphin Imaging has changed dramatically over the years, but our user interface look remained constant – with its aging Windows 95-style 3D bevel-edge sunken controls, complex icons, all on a “battleship gray” background. Version 11.95 introduces an entirely fresh clean new user interface, based on the software industry “Material Design” philosophy, with fewer colors, cleaner icons, and simpler controls. We call our new look “Oahu Blue” – check out the difference!

Dolphin Imaging Plus  
Export/Import Capture Sequences and Layouts

If a user creates a custom image capture sequence, they can now export that capture sequence and its associated layout, and provide them to a colleague, who can import them into their own copy of Dolphin.

Dolphin Imaging Plus Dolphin Imaging Plus
Keep Multiple Database “Pre-backups”

For disaster recovery (hard drive failure, theft, etc.) Dolphin mandates that users keep backups of their data. A backup consists of two components: the images in the WORKING folder, along with a “pre-backup” file of the SQL database. Dolphin historically creates a SQL database “pre-backup” file once a day, overwriting the prior day’s pre-backup file. Version 11.95 adds the ability for the user to select a count of rotating backups. So, for example, the user can choose to keep the 30 most recent daily SQL database pre-backup files.

Ceph Tracing and Analysis and Treatment Simulation (Parts V and VI)

New 2D "AP Symmetry" Model Analysis

The Dolphin Ceph Tracing module has historically had several arch length discrepancy analyses. Version 11.95 adds a new AP Symmetry study model analysis.

Dolphin Imaging Plus
Ceph Analysis Norm Citations

Historically, if you examined a ceph analysis in the Custom Analysis Editor and viewed the properties of a measurement, you would see the set of norms labeled something like “Norm set 0”. We have started a campaign of adding bibliographic citations to our norms, so you can see the exact book or journal page source of those norms. For example, the norms for the Facial Angle measurement in the Downs analysis now say: “Downs, W. 'Variations in Facial Relationships' AJO 34.10 (1948): 812-40. Web.”. We are going through our analyses methodically, adding norm citations. Version 11.95 has some citations, and we will continue to add more over time.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Add U1-PP Angle to 2D VTO Goals Chart

We have added the “Upper incisor to Palatal Plane” goal to the 2D Treatment Simulation module’s Goals Panel.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Add "Tooth Chart" Menu Item

Dolphin Imaging customers have historically had access to edit a patient’s tooth chart via the patient details screen. This tooth chart is especially useful for calculating arch length discrepancy in the 2D Treatment Simulation module after extraction/bridging/stripping/etc. But Dolphin Management customers have a different patient details screen, without that imaging tooth chart. So in 11.95 we have added a menu item to access the imaging tooth chart via Tools | Tooth Chart.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

3D Study Model Module (Part X)

Ability to Import CEREC .DIXD Files (26-99)

Version 11.8 added CEREC integration for acquiring CEREC digital study models directly from a CEREC machine into Dolphin. Version 11.95 adds the ability to import CEREC’s .DIXD format files, outside of the integration.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Ability to Discard Color when Importing Color Study Models(26-99)

Version 11.9 added the ability to import study models in .OBJ color format. Version 11.95 adds the ability to optionally discard the color information upon import. This is useful for customers who don’t want/need the color, or who are running out of memory when importing high-memory-usage color scans

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Ability to Turn Study Model Color On and Off (26-24)

In Version 11.9, digital models that had been imported in color were always shown in color. Version 11.95 adds the ability to turn the color display on and off at will

Ability to Export Surfaces Combined or Separate (26-96 to 26-97)

When viewing multiple surfaces, and clicking the “Export” button, the user can now choose whether to export all the selected surfaces combined into one export file, or whether to export each selected surface into its own separate file. This is useful if the user plans to import the Dolphingenerated surfaces into other software, such as for 3D printing.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Ability to Export Surfaces in Current Orientation/Occlusion Position (26-105)

When exporting models from inside the Arch Models add/edit window, there is a new option to export the arches in their current occlusion/orientation position. This is useful if the user plans to import Dolphingenerated surfaces into other software.

Dolphin 3D (Part X)

New 3D Study Model Features

Since the Dolphin3D module includes the 3D Study Models module, customers who purchase Dolphin3D will get all the new 3D Study Model features listed above.

“Downsize and Load” Process (26-4)

Dolphin has historically had the ability to downsize large high-res DICOM volumes to a more workable size, and then save the downsized DICOM to a file, and then load the downsized file into Dolphin3D. Version 11.95 adds the ability to “downsize and load” all in one easy step.

Advanced Orientation Features (27-10 to 27-21)

11.95 adds very sophisticated new 3D orientation features, which allow the user to transfer clinical orientation measurements taken on the patient using lasers and markers, to the virtual patient. These are in the new “Cant/Roll”, “Yaw”, and “Pitch” tabs of the orientation screen.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Airway Path Boundary Feature (31-11 to 31-13)

Historically, Dolphin3D did airway studies by having the user draw a boundary, drop in a “seed” point, and the software would fill the airway within the boundary. Version 11.9 added an alternate airway analysis method, in which the user would simply draw a curved path, following the shape of the airway, and the software would fill and measure and color-code the airway along that path. But sometimes the airway airspace can be connected to the air-space above the tongue, so the airway would flow into that area. Version 11.95 adds the ability to draw a boundary around the curved path airway, to constrain it.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Dolphin 3D Surgery (Chapter 37)

Toolbar Button for 3D Surgery (37-1)

Historically, the 3D Surgery module has been hidden inside the “Tools” menu of Dolphin3D. Now, for convenience, there is a new button right on the toolbar for entering the 3D Surgery module.

Dolphin Imaging Plus

Ability to Export 3D Surgery Surfaces Combined or Separate(37-121 to 37-122)

Similar to the new feature in the main 3D Study Model/Dolphin3D screen, when viewing multiple surfaces in the “present” tab of 3D surgery and clicking the “Export” button, the user can now choose whether to export all of the selected surfaces combined into one export file or export each selected surface into its own separate file. This is useful if the user plans to import Dolphin-generated surfaces into other software, such as for 3D printing.


New Products:

Dolphin Imaging Plus Dolphin Imaging Plus Dolphin Imaging Plus
Dolphin Management
is a full-featured orthodontic practice management system that enables you to efficiently manage and organize your practice flow, especially if you have high-volume, multiple locations and multiple practitioners. With consistent feature upgrades and improvements, Dolphin Management combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful features.
3D Surgery
3D Surgery is a comprehensive case planning and presentation tool that animates the patient’s skeletal and facial changes in real time, and outputs to a precise surgical guide. All you need is a 3D DICOM dataset, virtual models and optional facial photo. Use data from cone beam CT, spiral CT, and other sources. Combine with intraoral scans or electronic models for accurate virtual model surgery. Along with the other wonderful features of Dolphin, this is why Dolphin 3D is used worldwide.
My Orthodontist
The new My Orthodontist mobile app from Dolphin gives patients access to information about themselves and your practice.
Management Brochure 3D Surgery Brochure My Orthodontist Brochure

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